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Our positive attitude toward day-to-day challange is always aiming for solidity and action.

Innovation and quality are based on responsibility, respect for our customers' expectations and self-knowledge of our basic values. This is the pattern that can be found in our organization, operations and products so that they can satisfy any market needs. Your personal goals are milestones in our strategy and we perfectly know the importance of paying close attention to them. Innovation, technology, creativity and adaptability fit into Tecno Elettra product range and this is the reason why we have always been pioneers in functionality, design and high quality standard.
Our rigorous quality checks, quick and punctual deliveries, correct and efficient production planning can explain our company's continuous growth. This is the way we can give full satisfaction to our customers throughout the world. "Air of professionals" is ali about this and the things that we have been improving with experience and research, side by side with our customers

Gilberto Fava


There’s a healthy power in every single one of the professional products that we make.
Our traditional attention to customer and peoples’ well-being in the working environment, continuously moves us in search of new and real sustainable solutions.
Consequently, all our hairdryers are made with a ZERO ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION technology, protecting the operator who is constantly using it and making the working environment healthier for has everybody.
Sensitivity, experience and technology produce innovation which benefits our customers, giving an answer to real needs.